We are back again today for some Snow Cones! Come down and see our new stall!

Inspiration India:
The inspiration for our new Snow Cones of 2015 stall was from our recent trip to India, in India we found a lot of refreshing street venders in Delhi like Stan's Snow Cones, most of them were selling Lime and Soda drinks so this year we are proud to announce we are following in their footsteps and we will be soon selling Lime and Soda drinks! We also during our ravishing stays in The Park Hotel (in Delhi),  Samode Haveli (in Jaipur) and Ratan Villas (in Jodhpur) realised they all served an iconic Indian tea drink: The Masala Chia so we are also hopefully producing a batch of Masala Chia tea for your Snow Cones soon!

Bring Back the Beats:
This summer we are also doing DJ requests for you guys so whilst we serve you you can chillax, rave or disco dance to our tunes! Please request sensible tunes we only do non- explicit songs due to the ages of our customers and the song may offend potential customers and passers by...

We hope to see you down at the Pells today for our Refreshing Snacks
From the Cool Ice Company
Stan's Snow Cones

A New Year!

I thought it was about time I uploaded a new post so here it is! Since Stan's Snow Cones has its own Twitter, Facebook and Blog, I thought that it was about time to create an official Instagram account! My username is @stanssnowcones . So if you want to see more behind the scenes videos and pictures then follow my account. Also some very exciting news will be uploaded to this account so if you want to find out more about that then go follow me!

Hope you have had a wonderful 2015 so far there's so much more to come!



Dear people of Lewes, just thought that I would let you all know that Stan's Snow Cones is up and ready to continue on my personal quest to provide the world with the refreshing taste of a snow cone. From now on I will be open every Saturday at the Pells Pool in Lewes from 12am till 4pm (subject to alterations due to weather)


Stan's Snow Cones will be taking a rest for the winter so that I can focus on my school work but I will return, next summer.


I can proudly say that I managed to win the best young trader award at the british street food awards. I want to thank all my supporters (friends, family and customers) for helping me get to where i am now.


So I am really lucky I have made it into the finalists for the Street Food Europe 2013 Awards and have been on Sunday Brunch with British Street Food's Richard Johnson